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Mirrors & Wall Art

Adding those finishing touches to a room are where attention to the details can either make a room or break a room! So you have the paint colours finalised, the furniture chosen, the rug on the floor - now to choose what to put on your walls.

When choosing a mirror, you need to consider the size of the wall that it is to go on. Ideally, the mirror should be the only hanging on that wall, and so the size of the mirror needs to be in proportion to the wall size. Mirrors come in all sorts of styles, sizes, shapes and colours - simple frames, extravagant frames or no frame at all.

Wall Art is a reflection of your personality and taste. Looking for something unique can be difficult at times, but when you see the piece that catches your eye, then you have found it! Whether a landscape picture, family portraits or an abstract art piece, your wall art is your opportunity to express yourself.

At Express Curtains and Blinds, we are able to source mirrors and wall art to your specifications. 


Artwork Inspiration